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  Kalousova pila, s.r.o.
  č.p. 50
  517 56
  Slatina nad Zdobnici
  Czech Republic

  tel.: +420 494594250
  fax: +420 494594268


you are on the webpages of Kalousova pila, s.r.o.

What do we offer:

  •  timber wood

    we produce timber wood for constructions and also as a material for joinery

  •  transportation

    we can organize transportation of your orders

      - co-operation with construction companies - we are able to organize the delivery directly to your construction sites or other agreed places (just-in-time delivery)

To ask for more information or to place an order, please, contact us on phones or e-mails which you can see on the left side in contact information.


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